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Fundacion Jacobea

Children's workshops


 “Reduce, reuse and recycle”

Nowadays,  waste generation and management represent a big problem. We propose teaching children what to do with the “garbage” they generate on the daily basis; we want them to know how to classify waste so this stops being a garbage and starts being an area of opportunity. The activities that include these workshops have to do with the three R´s: reduce, reuse and recycle.


Compost is an important part of the correct disposal of organic waste. Commonly, we mix organic “waste” with paper, plastic, glass and other materials. This easy and basic technique can help children to understand the power of nature to transform organic residues to something beneficial. The activities of this workshop include the making of a home compost, how it works and how to take care of it.

“Ecosistemas y el agua”

Through this workshop aim to spread awareness  of the value of the ecosystems the kids participating live in. We want to address specific environmental issues in the area, such as logging, excessive hunt and fishing, oil spills, extraction of species, garbage pollution and chemical discharges. Along with these topics, we also want to talk about water. Water is an fundamental element that unfortunately is endangered, so want to let them know how water is naturally produce, how it behaves and why we all need to take care of it

  • Women workshops

In these workshops, women will learn from how to grow a seed to cultivate vegetables  under their local conditions.  Many women are head of household, housewives or single women with great personal aspirations and a wish to play an active part in their community. The goal of these workshops is to empower them, to make them realize what they are capable of, at their homes, jobs and as an essential part of the community. In addition, we want to teach them how to use resources in a sustainable way.

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