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Fundacion Jacobea
Juanita Natividad Díaz

Tepehuala, Guerrero

"First of all I want to share how blessed and grateful I feel for the opportunity that Jacobea Foundation gave me through this scholarship ... I honestly couldn't believe it when they gave me the news. This opportunity is a before and after for me: it means a great achievement on a personal level, which is enormously satisfying. I reached something I thought unreachable, since I don’t have the economic resources to study a master.

I have always  believed that there are plenty opportunities, and is only a matter of paying attention to find them.

My name is Juanita Natividad Díaz, I am a lawyer, in the state of Guerrero; My place of origin is called Tlapehuala. Growing up in the country taught me to be an independent and liable person from a very young age. I am a teacher in a community located two hours from where I live. The only access to my workplace is a dirt road; there is no internet. I have to stay there from Monday to Friday and then move every weekend back to my house (located in Tlapehuala). 

When I get home one of the first things I do is connect to the internet, this way, I can continue with my training. Best of all is that I have teachers from the best universities, from different countries, and they are aware of my tight schedule.

My salary as a rural teacher is very low and I cannot afford to pay for postgraduate studies as these ... However, I’ve always been convinced that good work is based on skill; that is the reason why I am happy and excited to study my master. I feel committed in this new stage of my life. THANK YOU for the scholarship Jacobea Foundation!”

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