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Fundacion Jacobea
Our projects

We are committed to impulse sustainable development in Mexico.

We work with different social sectors in order to achieve it. We are interested  specially  in working with decision makers (public servants of all levels); we also focus on designing strategies to work with the most vulnerable sectors, like women and children. Both sectors are very important to the community's development, but they need information and tools to contribute to the sustainable development of their towns.


Through the Environmental Studies School we offer Master Programs with official validity of studies in Mexico, delivered online,  specifically designed to impact law, aconomy and  public policies in environment.

In Jacobea Foundation, one of our main activities is to support specialized and high level education, in environmental matters in our country. Our ANNUAL ENVIRONMENTAL GRANT PROGRAM is aimed to professionals who want to pursue a postgraduate degree.
People highly aware about the challenges and opportunities in adverse situations, like climate change and thef the ecosystem's degradation, but most important, with the possibilities to make real changes in the environment.

Trought our Environmental Communication Program, we seek to “translate” scientific information to a more appropriate language, to allow everyone to comprehend and internalize such infomation, this way,  people can take action to avoid or minimize the pollution and the effects of climate change over the population.

We consider that many of the scientific advances that the country has reach aren't internalized or used by the society because of the lack of communication strategies that present the information in a clear and accessible way to everyone.

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2017 guidelines and selection process information is available

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