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Fundacion Jacobea
Fundación Jacobea

FUNDACIÓN JACOBEA is a non-profit organization. Our mission is to promotepromote environmental protection and sustainable development in Mexico and Latin America. Through research, conservation, communication and education projects, we pursue and promote the protection of natural resources, economic growth and society's development.

Our vision is of a planet where people have access to the newest and most specialized information, to give response to the environmental challenges that our society faces. Information necessary to build a sustainable space for present and future generations.

Our Team
Victórico Lemini
Victórico Lemini Vázquez

 CEO and founder

Tania García López 

Chairman of the Board 

“Dedicating my time and energy to Jacobea Foundation has been, since day one, a passionate task… Thinking about how our actions can change positively  our natural environment is my biggest motivation.

I am sure that Jacobea Foundation, through projects and thanks to the experts that work with us day to day, along with other associations and international institutions, can positively influence the management of natural resources in our region”

-Victórico Lemini Vázquez
Bachelor of Public Management
Universidad Iberoamericana

“After more than 20 years dedicated to study, research and teaching environmental law, in private universities at first and now in a public university, is a big challenge to participate in an environmental Foundation looking forward to make significant changes.

The creativity of the Foundation’s members and their commitment with the environment, motivate me to contribute with innovative ideas and proposals that are applicable and attainable. So we can make a change and contribute to sustainable development”



-Tania García López

Member of the "Mexico's National System of Researchers", CONACYT

Ana Karen Ricaño Ochoa

Volunteer Coodinator

“Ever since I was a little girl I have always been interested in the environmental protection, however, it wasn't until university where I got deeply involved with sustainable agriculture, science diffusion and environmental education. I  volunteered, for almost two years, in a group where whose  main mission was to promote sustainable development through environmental friendly agriculture techniques.

I truly believe that  education can change the situation of a whole country and I believe the same with environmental education”

Are you interested in getting or sponsoring an environmental grant?
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